Water Features


4/19/20231 min read

Water Features

Expert tips / By Catscapes Landscapes

There is nothing better in the garden than a well placed water feature. It provides a focal point, while either being dramatic, or relaxing and soothing.

We really are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing one. Firstly check what would fit in with the overall theme of the garden. Would a natural stream and pond fit, or a more classic look suit the landscape? If space is limited, a bubbling pot is always a winner in any landscape, and is also relatively water wise.

Check that there is a power point in the vicinity, and check what other requirements may be needed e,g, lighting, automatic top up, etc.

Size does matter when it comes to pump selection. Rather err on over catering, as it can ways be throttled down. Be warned that if the plug is removed from the cable of the pump, then most warranties are void.

Check other requirements such as filtration, depth of pond, etc. Please note that most water features will loose water through splashing and evaporation. Dams which are clay based must be expected to loose some water.

Water features should be a part of most landscapes, from a simple bird bath to a garden of Italy extravaganza. Let Catscapes landscapes create the garden of your dreams with the perfect fitting water feature in your landscape.