Spring Treatments For Lawns

Seasonal / By Catscapes Landscapes



4/17/20231 min read

Spring Treatments For Lawns

Seasonal / By Catscapes Landscapes

For the garden of your dreams one of the major areas in most gardens to deal with is the lawn. In this article, we’re going to deal with spring treatments for lawns.

Planning during winter should take place for the season ahead. One of the most important cultural practices to be undertaken on the lawn in Spring is scarification. This is done by Catscapes Landscapes by heavily vertically mowing your lawn and removing the debris. This practice is similar in effect to the pruning of roses. It will make the lawn denser and more upright in nature and will level most uneven areas. It also allows water and fertilisers to pass through the thatch layers. Unwanted gases from the soil are able to escape and the process minimises fungal and pest habitats. A bi-product of the denser lawn is the inability of undesirable weeds to infiltrate the area.

The next important cultural practice that the Catscapes Landscapes team undertake to give you the lawn of your dreams is a light top dressing. This levels the area and refreshes the soil.

Fertilising is a must as a lot of the nutrients in the grass are removed during mowing. This will provide a lush green lawn through the summer months and allow for root growth to sustain the plant through the winter and during drought conditions. A fertiliser high in Nitrogen and Potassium is usually the best depending on the soil conditions and the grass being grown

Irrigation is obviously important and having Catscapes Landscapes service the system should be an essential part of the winter maintenance programme.

Any compacted areas should be loosened either with spiking or some state of the art technologies that are available to Catscapes Landscapes from rotovating in severe cases to hollowtyning or hydrojetting in other scenarios.

Your lawn should complement the rest of the garden and should take centre stage in the garden of your dreams.