Landscaping With Succulents

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1/17/20241 min read

Landscaping With Succulents

Garden Styles/ By Catscapes Landscapes

With water security becoming a real threat to this country, it is time that we reassess the way landscaping is done. While key words like water wise planting are bandied around, nothing fits the bill more than succulents. We are blessed with a great variety of succulents in this country. Their foliage is generally uniquely colorful, from dark burgundy coloured leaves to bright orange spikes.

The flowers are generally unique too, making them a talking point in any landscape, and a point of interest.Their maintenance is minimal, as are their water requirements. They grow in almost any soil condition, and generally need very little space. A good dose of sunlight is almost always a must. Succulents can be paired with other plants in the landscape. They go particularly well with ornamental grasses and proteas.To have a truly unique landscape, full of colour and really water efficient, succulents tick all the boxes

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