Foliage Gardens

Garden Styles / By Catscapes Landscapes



1/17/20241 min read

Foliage Gardens

Garden Styles/ By Catscapes Landscapes

This style of garden is seen across the world, however it is more prevalent in warmer climates where there is lush plant material and a jungle feel. The design is driven by texture and shape. Clearings are carved out of dense vegetation creating a sense of separation, with paths joining the clearings. Bark or soft mulches are used to soften the focus and create another colour pallette.

There are generally no hard shapes in these gardens, however rustic man made structures can provide interesting features. Water is obviously a natural choice for features. From large waterfalls to still ponds and even pools. Foliage gardens date back to the 19th century colonial gardens where plant material was collected from the tropical colonies and mixed with colourful English country gardens. Some designers use grasses, water and woodland planting, but on the whole formal lawns often don't form part of this kind of design. Taller species provide height while smaller species grow underneath. With the climate gradually warming, plants which were unthinkable two decades ago are now being used in the historically colder areas

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