Creating A Sophisticated Contemporary Landscape

Garden Styles / By Catscapes Landscapes



1/17/20241 min read

Creating A Sophisticated Contemporary Landscape

Garden Styles/ By Catscapes Landscapes

This is a very trendy landscape look at the moment. It is achieved using clean lines and uncluttered planting. It tends towards the formal landscape look, with a touch of one or two colors, to create interest throughout the landscape.

It is relatively maintenance free, apart from when well defined hedges are incorporated into the landscape. Interest is also achieved through structural plants, or statues. The structural plants in the landscape create the focal points, and draw the eye in. If colour is used, white is recommended. It is dramatic in it’s own way, yet fits in to the overall uncluttered landscape. Swathes are created throughout the landscape to create continuity.

The clean lines, uncluttered theme is the antidote to the ubiquitous modern English cottage landscape, and yet a lot of the rules apply to both.

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