Cottage Gardens

Garden Styles / By Catscapes Landscapes



1/17/20241 min read

Cottage Gardens

Garden Styles/ By Catscapes Landscapes

Often recognised for their abundant planting, colour and apparent confusion, cottage gardens are traditionally simple and regular in layout, with a central path to the main door and rectangular beds on each side. Originally used by peasants as food gardens, the modern landscaper has less edible plants and more colour and scents to compensate for the harsh city environs.

The scale of these gardens is normally small with dense planting even sometimes allowed to overflow across pathways. Hedges are often used to divide the garden into different rooms. The formal hedges contrast well with the loose planting style. Hard materials used include natural stone or brick, with weathered materials being favoured. Gravel is used for pathways. Pathways are narrow so plants can intentionally obscure the way. This romantic approach softens the garden and brings you into close contact with the garden.

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